Veneers have multiple advantages and uses. But the most common form of veneer is commercial face veneer or decorative veneer, which can give any surface a perfect finish and look. Let me list a few advantages of decorative veneer for your benefit. You can even instruct your building contractor or furniture maker to use veneers to give the room or furniture a luxurious look and a rich feel.

Plush Look - Natural wood or plywood surfaces are not very smooth. But if you want your furniture to look glossy and regal, veneer could be the answer to your problem. The number of designs and colours available in veneer is large. You can experiment a lot by mixing and matching veneer with the natural surface. It makes your furniture alive.

Quality Veneer adds to the quality of the finished product. The quality of finish or look as well as the durability increases. The finest quality logs are sent to the companies that produce veneer. That is also one reason why the quality is so good.

Strength When veneer is applied to a surface, it increases the strength of the product. As veneer is formed by gluing thin layers of wood with adhesives, it is a lot more resistant to splitting and warping. This, in turn, increases the life of the furniture or other architectural structures.

Better utilization of wood Veneers are thin sheets of wood formed by peeling, slicing or sawing a lumber or a log. The thickness of a standard veneer could be as small as 0.6 mm whereas the thickness of solid wood cut from a tree log is usually not less than 3 cm. So this reduces wastage of wood from the log i.e. the use of wood in case of veneer is far more economical.